My year in cities, 2012

Shamelessly stealing this post format from Jason Kottke, but I traveled a lot in 2012. I slept at least one night in all of the following places:

Boston, MA*

Avon, CO

Bethel, ME

Washington, D.C.*

Randolph, NH

New York, NY*

Tiburon, CA*

Yosemite National Park, CA

Bethesda, MD

Columbus, OH

Chillicothe OH*

Brattleboro, VT

Warren, NH*

Chicago, IL

Peaks Island, ME

East Falmouth, MA*

Bretton Woods, NH

Stratton, VT*

Stockbridge, MA

Greenwich, CT*

Baxter State Park, ME

Burlington, VT

Durham, NC*

Cancun, Mexico

Amherst, MA

Hanover, NH

Woodside, CA

Everglades, FL

Miami, FL

*Indicates multiple visits

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